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Understanding Marriage Separation and Grounds for Divorce

There are specific requirements for getting a divorce under Canadian law. One of the requirements is a mandatory one-year waiting period from the time of separation before a divorce can be finalized. Often people mistakenly assume they must wait a ye … (read more…)

Divorce and Children Your Legal Obligations and Rights

Every parent has certain legal obligations and rights they should be aware of when applying for a divorce. Even though a couple has decided to legally end their marriage, by no means … (read more…)

Davies Law Firm Is the Best Family Law Firm in Ottawa for the Fourth Year in a Row

Here at Davies Law Firm, we have been honoured to receive the Top Choice Award for the best family law firm for the past four years in a row, with this year’s award ceremony, which will … (read more…)

Ottawa Family Law Firm Offers Advice for Divorced Parents Regarding Access

Going through a divorce can be messy, complicated, and an emotional ordeal, not only for you but the other person, too. Sometimes we forget the other person can be experiencing the same types of feelings and emotional responses that we are during the … (read more…)

Breaking up is hard to do. Equally difficult: determining how property is divided – and who gets to keep the engagement ring.

Where engaged couples are not living together, the law across Canada is remarkably similar. In Ontario, for exa … (read more…)

Ottawa Family Law Firm Discusses How Smartphones Could Ruin Your Marriage

Today, thanks to smartphones and advanced technologies, people are essentially connected 24/7 to each other via phone, text, email and social media. In light of this, smartphone addiction is a growing problem. Some people can get to a point where the … (read more…)

Finding out your spouse or partner has been cheating is a major let down and a blow to your physical and emotional well being. One of the initial emotions responses is often anger, not only towards the cheating spouse, but also towards the person the … (read more…)

Getting through the holiday season can be difficult for people who are going through a divorce or separation. It can be especially hard on minor children too, because the family traditions they have come to enjoy are no longer going to be possible no … (read more…)

Social media is making its impact on married couples and undoing their relationships. While social media can be a great way to find long-lost classmates, catch up with old friends and distant relatives, it can also open up the door to creating proble … (read more…)

During the separation and divorce process, at some point you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse are going to have divide property acquired during the marriage, as well as the matrimonial home. There are specific sections contained within the Ontario Famil … (read more…)

When you are in a relationship, you are never in it alone. When you are thinking about a divorce, you need to remember that you are not doing this alone either.  A divorce will affect you as well as your partner, and it will also have a signifi … (read more…)

Getting divorced is not always a simple process. People are often surprised when they find out all of the steps required to obtain a divorce. It is not just a question of getting a court date or showing up in front of the judge and you are done. Cana … (read more…)

One common question people have about divorce proceedings is: “what will occur when there is a prenuptial agreement” – known in Ontario as a Marriage Contract- “between a married couple upon separation? How does such a document change the norma … (read more…)

Some people have the misconception that once child support is established they are going to have to pay the same amount until the date stated in the agreement or in the Court Order. However, when child support payments are initially determined and … (read more…)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) involves using two different processes to attempt to resolve family law matters related to a divorce, such as division of property, child custody and access, child support, and spousal support. In cases where A … (read more…)

In Ontario, there are several different types of child custody divorcing couples may seek, depending upon the circumstances and reason for the divorce. It is essential to fully understand the differences and what rights they provide. If you are ev … (read more…)

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