Contentious Divorce

When the spouses who are separating cannot agree on such matters as child custody and access, child and spousal support, and the division of assets, the divorce becomes contentious or contested. Such a divorce proceeds in court.

The document used to commence a court proceeding is an application. It will be drafted by the lawyer and filed with the court. Once the other side files their reply, the parties attend a mandatory meeting in court with their lawyers and the judge present. This meeting is called a case conference and its purpose is to facilitate negotiations between the parties on various separation issues.

Any unresolved issues brought up during the case conference are addressed at the settlement conference. This court appearance is mandatory in Ontario to attempt to settle divorce issues without proceeding to trial.

If the matter still does not settle at the settlement conference stage, it will proceed to trial where evidence will be presented by both parties and their witnesses under oath and subjected to questioning from the lawyers.

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