Amicable Divorce

If the separating spouses agree on various legal issues surrounding separation, such as custody, access, support and the division of assets, they need to hire a lawyer to draft a separation agreement. Here is a quick overview of the Separation Agreement steps in Ontario:

  • First the lawyer will identify the issues based on the client’s instructions. These issues will include custody, decision-making for the children, visitation schedule, child and spousal support, property division, equalization and more.
  • Next the lawyer will assist the client to gather his/her financial information, including disclosure of income, assets and liabilities. The lawyers will exchange financial information on behalf of the spouses.
  • Negotiations between the lawyers will take place.
  • An agreement will be drafted.
  • The lawyer will explain the agreement to the client, provide independent legal advice and make amendments if necessary.
  • Both spouses sign the agreement with their lawyers and it is considered a legal and binding document.

At Davies Law Firm, we offer

  • At Davies Law Firm we help you explore your best options so you can make informed decisions.
  • We can engage other professionals, such as family counsellors, financial advisors, child protection workers and forensic accountants.
  • Our family lawyers work to minimize conflict and promote agreement and negotiation.
  • At Davies Law Firm we do NOT accept legal aid certificates.
  • Our lawyers are available 24/7, call 613-220-6008 after hours and on weekends.
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