Divorce Affects Those Most Important to You 

August 31, 2016   |   divorce   |   blog
Divorce Affects
Divorce Affects

Divorce Affects Those Most Important to You 

When you are in a relationship, you are never in it alone. When you are thinking about a divorce, you need to remember that you are not doing this alone either.  A divorce will affect you as well as your partner, and it will also have a significant impact on your entire family.

You will be separating from your extended family and potentially your children for extended periods of time.  You may miss events happening in their lives that you may not even realize you are missing until you see them again and they tell you about them.  You need to keep these things in mind if you have children with your partner and are considering getting a divorce.

Custody Laws Have Changed Over the Years

Many people think that custody laws have essentially remained unchanged. But the approach of courts to child custody has changed significantly over the years. In the past, many thought that no matter the circumstances surrounding the divorce, the mother was always the best choice for custodial parent for the children. However, today we are seeing many cases where fathers are granted custody as well. Joint or shared custody is also common.

Part of the change is due to the fact that today, both parents tend to work and there is no longer the quintessential “stay at home mom” from the past.  Now, this does not mean that all fathers are awarded a form of custody, but they are being looked at seriously as care givers for their children and not simply as financial support providers.

Child Support or Spousal Support May Be Awarded

Just because you are divorcing your partner does not mean you are no longer financially responsible for your children or your spouse. Courts will determine how much child support is to be paid based upon specific guidelines and both parents are expected to contribute towards the support of their children based upon their ability to pay. This is true regardless of which parent is the custodial parent. In some cases, mothers have been required to pay child support, and even spousal support. Your Ottawa family lawyer is available to discuss your concerns over child support, custody, and spousal support in greater detail.

Whether you are contemplating initiating a divorce or have been served notice, you need an experienced family law firm in Ottawa, like Davies Law Firm, to help during this difficult time. Our team of legal professionals is there for you and ready to work in your best interests. Our goal is to alleviate as much of the pain and stress of the divorce process as possible, while providing you with sound legal advice. Feel free to contact our law office today by calling 613-688-0462 to schedule an initial consultation appointment.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind the above information is provided for reference purposes only and should not be viewed as actual legal advice as the circumstances surrounding separation and divorce does vary from one case to the next. To obtain actual legal advice you need to speak to a qualified Ottawa family lawyer at Davies Law Firm.

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