Why Divorce Inquiries and Filings Jump after New Year’s

December 30, 2017   |   Tanya Davies   |   blog
Why Divorce Inquiries and Filings Jump after New Year’s
Why Divorce Inquiries and Filings Jump after New Year’s

Why Divorce Inquiries and Filings Jump after New Year’s

The Christmas holiday season is not always a joyful and happy time for many couples. For these couples, divorce inquiries and filings often increase significantly in early January after everyone returns from their holiday breaks and vacations.

This day is what divorce lawyers call “Divorce Day,” which is typically the first Monday after New Year’s, when the number of inquiries, requests for consultations, and requests to file for divorce spike. This increase tends to remain fairly steady throughout the entire month of January.

The cause for the increase is largely attributed to the holiday season. During the holidays, families tend to spend more time together. If there are already fractures and problems with a marriage, the holidays can bring these to the surface, opening old wounds and past resentments.

Couples are not able to simply ignore the issues as tensions and stress levels are often higher at this time of year. Plus, when you add some holiday spirits to the festivities, tongues can become looser and any thoughts of what the other spouse might think can go right out the window. A few verbal breakdowns in front of the family can spell disaster and lead to the end of a marriage.

Other issues can come to light during Christmas. For example, if one or both spouses are cheating on each other. The holiday season can place added pressure to spend time away from your spouse and with the person really want to be festive with. You may start to picture what it would be like if you didn’t have to sneak around and instead could openly celebrate the season together.

In some cases, one spouse might start behaving in a manner contrary to previous holiday customs. They might all of a sudden become fully invested in Christmas, holiday celebrations and traditions, when in previous years, they just took a “back seat” role and let you handle everything.

Some spouses misinterpret this new behaviour as a positive change to strengthen their marriage, when in fact, it is the other spouse’s way to give the family a memorable “Last Christmas” because they have already decided they are filing for divorce after the New Year.

Aside from the stresses of the holiday season, another cause for the increase in divorce inquiries and filings has to do with New Year’s resolutions. The New Year is a time of year when people reflect over the past year and look forward to the next. In situations where a couple’s marriage has been rocky and full of problems, one or both spouses may actually decide to make a New Year’s resolution to make a fresh start on their own.

However, before you pick up the phone or send an email inquiring about divorce after the New Year, it is highly recommended that you take a moment and really think whether the feelings you are currently having are the result of a horrible holiday season, seasonal stress and/or depression, or due to the actual breakdown of your marriage.

Sometimes people realize their unhappiness is simply because things did not go as well as they planned over the holidays, not because they actually want to get divorced. Nevertheless, should you discover your marriage is over and unsalvageable after the holidays, please feel free to contact Davies Law Firm at (613) 688-0462 to schedule an initial divorce consultation.

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