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The experience of divorce and separation is stressful and challenging both from a legal perspective and personally. Our Ottawa divorce and separation lawyer is there to guide you in making the right decisions for yourself, your family, and your future, while helping ease your stress.

At Davies Divorce Law Firm, we take the time to explain how the law applies to your particular situation. We understand every divorce and separation has its own circumstances and issues. We want to discuss these in detail and how the law applies, while exploring options to help you make the right decisions.

Our goal is to assist you in protecting what matters most to you: Your family and your interests. If we can do this through an uncontested, amicable divorce and your spouse’s lawyer, then we can help with the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) process.

However, this is not always possible for every divorce and separation situation. If not, then we are willing to litigate your case to help resolve outstanding issues on your behalf.

Outstanding Issues You Need to Resolve to Move On

During your divorce and separation processes, there are several outstanding issues you must resolve either with ADR or through litigation. These include, but may not be limited to:

  • Division of Property: We help you achieve a fair division of property acquired during your marriage.
  • Disposal of the Marital Home: The disposition of the marital home is a separate process from the division of property. We can assist you in determining the best way to do this.
  • Complex Asset Division: If you own a business, have substantial assets,pensions, savings, or retirement accounts, the division of property can be more complex. We have financial experts to ensure you get a fair division of assets.
  • Child Custody and Access: Whether you are seeking primary custody or want to protect your parental rights with equal access and decision-making authority regarding minor children, we can help.
  • Child Support: We help make sure your children are supported financially and the burden is shared equally between both parents.
  • Spousal Support: In some cases, you may be entitled to spousal support and we can help determine if you qualify and how much you would be entitled to receive.
  • Post-Divorce Order Modifications: There are many situations post-divorce that can require modifications to initial agreements, such as a change in income, living conditions, child’s needs, and so on. We can negotiate modifications while protecting your interests.

Davies Law Firm Helps You through Your Divorce and Separation

If you are contemplating divorce and separation, or have been served notice by your spouse they have filed for divorce, Davies Law Firm is here to help. Please feel free to contact our Ottawa family law firm by calling (613) 688-0462 now to learn more about your options and reaching a fair divorce and separation agreement.

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