Getting Ready to Adopt? Get Help from Our Toronto Adoption Lawyer

November 18, 2020   |   Tanya Davies   |   blog
Adoption Lawyer in Toronto
Adoption Lawyer in Toronto

Getting Ready to Adopt? Get Help from Our Toronto Adoption Lawyer

Adopting a child can be a rewarding experience when you want to start a family. Some people adopt because they are not able to have children of their own. Other people adopt because they do not want to go through surrogacy or are finding it difficult to find an appropriate surrogate.

Then, there are men and women who do not want to get married to start a family. They enjoy being single. Yet, they wish to raise a child.

The adoption process should be joyful and exciting. However, there are times when questions arise, unexpected obstacles occur, and other issues arise. These things can turn a happy experience into one that is stressful and not as rewarding.

To avoid finding yourself in this situation, it is best to get help from an experienced Toronto adoption lawyer. Your lawyer understands the legal processes to adopt a child. They will have helped other people adopt and start their families.

Your lawyer is there to answer your questions, guide you through the adoption processes, and alleviate any stress or anxiety so you can genuinely enjoy adopting your new child. Additionally, relying on a qualified adoption lawyer provides these benefits:

Benefit #1: Helps you find answers to your questions.

While the internet contains a variety of information on adoption, it can be hard to get the direct answers you seek. Your lawyer is there to answer these questions, walk you through various scenarios and potential outcomes, and help you make the best choices that are right for you.

Benefit #2: Establishes confidence in the adoption process.

Most people want to be confident their adoption will proceed smoothly without any unexpected circumstance. Yet, there are times when things do not go as planned.

Having an adoption lawyer on your side helps you maintain your confidence by helping you define the terms of the adoption, identifying potential issues and taking steps to prevent them before they occur, and completing the necessary processes for a smooth adoption.

Benefit #3: Makes navigating the adoption process much easier.

There are various tasks you will need to complete. By getting help from an adoption lawyer, they will take care of these tasks on your behalf or assist you with them when you need to make important decisions. Other tasks they help you with include, but may not be limited to:

  • Filing and managing all necessary paperwork for the adoption.
  • Working with your adoption agency if you are using one.
  • Being present during home studies and consultations.
  • Providing representation in family court for court hearings when needed.
  • Reviewing all agreements to finalize the adoption, and ensuring they are legally binding.
  • Proving post-adoption support by helping you update your will, life insurance, marriage contract, etc.

Whether you are just taking the first steps to learn about adopting a child or have started the process already, getting help from an adoption lawyer is highly recommended. For help with your adoption, or to schedule a consultation with a family lawyer in Toronto, contact Davies Law Firm at (416) 363-0064 today, for the legal advice and guidance you need, to protect your interests.

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