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From a personal and legal perspective, the experience of separation and divorce is challenging and stressful. At Davies Law Firm in Toronto, our separation and divorce lawyer is there to guide you throughout the entire process. We ensure you make the right decisions for yourself, your future, and your family while helping alleviate your stress.

We take the time to explain to you how the law applies to your particular situation based upon your unique issues and circumstances. Our Toronto divorce and separation lawyer discusses in detail how the law applies while exploring what options are available to help you make the best decisions.

Our objective is to assist you in protecting what matters most: Your interests and your family. We attempt to do this through an uncontested, amicable divorce and your spouse’s lawyer. If this is not possible, then we can pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes.

Davies Family Law Firm understands amicable and ADR divorce proceedings are not always possible for every separation and divorce. For these cases, we are willing to litigate your case in court to help resolve any outstanding issues in your best interests.

Throughout your separation and divorce proceeding, several issues must be resolved amicably, through ADR or litigation in court. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Child Custody and Access: We can help whether you want to protect your parental rights with equal access and decision-making authority, or are seeking primary custody of minor children.
  • Child Support: Each parent has equal financial responsibility for supporting their children. We make sure this burden is shared correctly and your children are supported financially.
  • Division of Property: We help ensure you receive a fair division of property that was acquired during your marriage.
  • Spousal Support: If you are entitled to supposal support, we help determine if you qualify and how much you could receive.
  • Disposal of the Marital Home: We assist you in disposing of the marital home, as this is a separate process from the division of property and the best way to do so.
  • Complex Asset Division: We have financial experts to ensure you receive a fair division of assets in complex situations, such as business ownership, substantial assets, savings, retirement accounts, or pensions.
  • Post-Divorce Order Modifications: When situations arise post-divorce that require modifications to initial agreements, like changes in income, child’s needs, living conditions, and so on, we help negotiate modifications while protecting your interests.

Get Help Through Your Toronto Divorce and Separation from Davies Law Firm

If you are considering separation and divorce or have been serviced notice your spouse has filed for divorce, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact our Toronto family law firm now for a consultation and to learn more about the best legal options for achieving a fair separation and divorce agreement.

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