When Mediation Is Right for Me, What Are Some Benefits of Using It?

December 27, 2020   |   Tanya Davies   |   blog
Divorce Mediation
Divorce Mediation

When Mediation Is Right for Me, What Are Some Benefits of Using It?

Mediation during a divorce proceeding can be beneficial for couples who are amicable, or at least willing to negotiate on the various agreements to finalize the divorce. Mediation is a process where a non-biased, third-party helps the couple reach decisions they both agree upon. Once mediation is completed, there is a legally binding agreement in place.

When you can take advantage of mediation, it can offer various benefits for both parties as follows:

#1: Reduces Time – With mediation, you can avoid lengthy litigation in court and shorten the process to the required minimum time before it can be finalized.

#2: Alleviates Stress – Divorce can be stressful with a lot of unknowns. By using mediation, you can eliminate most of the unknowns since you will know how marital assets are going to be divided, child custody and visitation schedules, and so on.

#3: Saves Money – Mediation helps both parties save money because they do not have to deal with the costs associated with litigation in court, which can cause the divorce process to drag on and further inflate the costs.

#4: The Parties Have Full Control – The mediator is present to help guide the parties to reach decisions for the various agreements. Each person can make decisions and reach agreements to determine what is best for them.

#5: Helps Protect Children – If you have minor children, you can limit the stress divorce has on them, as well as their impressions of conflict between their parents with mediation. What children see is their parents working together to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

#6: Prevent Future Legal Disputes – Future disputes tend to arise less frequently when the couple was able to use mediation since they have a vested interest in the agreements. It also assists to ensure the conflict between the parties does not escalate.

#7: Helps Maintain Confidentiality and Privacy – Mediation helps you avoid having to appear in court. You can meet at your Ottawa divorce lawyer’s office or another mutually agreed upon location. Additionally, the mediation process is private, unlike litigation, which is open to the public.

#8: Helps Both Parties Reach Closure – One of the emotional aspects of divorce is one or both parties are not able to reach closure because of ongoing litigation and disputes. With mediation, it is more possible to reach this closure and look forward to a new future.

#9: Helps Establish the Foundation for Collaborative Problem-Solving – When there are minor children involved, parents will have an ongoing relationship long after the divorce is finalized. Mediation can help parents establish the groundwork to make decisions and solve problems that arise with their children in the future.

As evident, when you can use mediation as part of your divorce proceeding, it can provide several benefits for everyone involved. If you have further questions about mediation and if it is right for your divorce, contact Davies Law Firm at (613) 688-0462 today, for the legal advice and guidance you need, to protect your interests.

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