Hiring a Surrogate? Why You Need to Hire a Surrogacy Lawyer

December 15, 2020   |   Tanya Davies   |   blog
Hire a Surrogacy Lawyer
Hire a Surrogacy Lawyer

Hiring a Surrogate? Why You Need to Hire a Surrogacy Lawyer

For some people, the ability to have a child requires getting outside assistance from a surrogate. To protect the rights of everyone involved, the parties need to enter into a legally binding contractual agreement called a surrogacy contract. If you are considering surrogacy to have a child, here are some of the top reasons you need to hire a surrogacy lawyer in Toronto:

#1: Provides access to the most recent surrogacy laws.

Laws evolve and change. A lawyer ensures you are aware of the current laws in the location where your surrogate lives, where you live, and where the child will be born. The only way to guarantee your surrogacy agreement is legally binding is to get help from a qualified family lawyer.

#2: Establish boundaries between the surrogate and intended parents.

Each relationship is different depending on the couple and the surrogate. Some people want to keep things business-like, while for others, things are a bit more personal, especially when the surrogate is a close friend. Your lawyer can ensure the contract is written in such a manner to establish the boundaries you desire with respect to everyone involved.

#3: Makes the surrogacy process easier.

Your lawyer writes the contract so that the interests of the intended parents and the surrogate are all protected. You will have a clear and concise understanding of your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the surrogate.

#4: Helps you manage your expectations.

Some intended parents want the right to make medical decisions, be in the delivery room when the baby is born, and have a say in other decisions regarding the prenatal care and birth of the baby. Your surrogacy lawyer can write the contract to include these and other expectations you may have.

#5: Ensures parental rights are established.

With surrogacy, parental rights can be called into question without a surrogacy contract. You will need to establish your parental rights, which requires a legally binding document. Your lawyer helps guarantee you have this document in place before the birth of the baby.

#6: Helps you avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to various liabilities.

A surrogacy contract covers a wide range of topics and details, such as parental planning, prenatal care, living and medical expenses for the surrogate, estate planning documents, birth certificate rights, and so on. Your lawyer works with you to verify all aspects of your surrogacy agreement are complete, accurate, and legally binding.

#7: Takes legal action when the surrogate fails to live up to her expectations.

In the unfortunate event the surrogate violates the surrogacy agreement, your lawyer will take the appropriate legal actions against them.

When you are planning surrogacy to have a child, hiring a surrogacy lawyer to create a legally binding surrogacy contract is in your best interest. For further questions or to schedule a consultation with a family lawyer in Toronto, please contact Davies Law Firm at (416) 363-0064 today!

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